Many businesses, particularly those in the e-commerce industry, sell and market their products primarily on Facebook. It’s no surprise that Facebook has emerged as the go-to channel for businesses looking to improve their digital footprint, market their brand to local and global audiences, and connect with potential customers. Setting up a Facebook page is similar to creating a digital storefront for your company, allowing you to build brand awareness through constant engagement with the audience. Statistics show that more than 70% of users around the world visit a local business’ Facebook page at least once a week.

Furthermore, Facebook’s ‘Groups’ concept is critical to the success of small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a platform for businesses to advertise their offerings and for customers to connect with them.

As a result, keeping in touch with customers should be the primary goal of any business. One way the company can communicate with potential customers is to include their WhatsApp Business Number as a button on their Facebook page. But how exactly does it work? Is it possible for all users to add their WhatsApp number as a button? In this article, we’ll answer your questions.

Here’s how you can add your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page

Businesses can now add their WhatsApp number to their Facebook page since WhatsApp became a part of Facebook. Customers will find it easier to communicate with them as a result of this. On the other hand, for the former, this is an excellent lead generation strategy. They can run ads and allow prospects to start a WhatsApp conversation with a single click.

First and foremost, you must create a Facebook page for your business. Next, create your profile. Learn how to do it in our ultimate WhatsApp business guide. This gives your company a branded profile, and your customers will know who they are speaking with! With conversational commerce on the rise, WhatsApp now offers two solutions for businesses: the original Business App and the Business API version. Because the traditional app failed to meet the needs of fast-growing businesses, the messaging giant launched a full suite of solutions with the latter.

Once you’ve obtained your business phone number, proceed to the steps outlined below to add your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Facebook Business page to add your WhatsApp number to the page. Log in as the page’s administrator and select ‘Settings’ from the ‘Manage Page’ menu on the left. Click ‘WhatsApp’ in the left column under ‘Page Settings.’

Step 2:

Next, enter your WhatsApp Business phone number as well as the country code and click Continue.

If you have just started a business on Facebook, the first step will be a pop-up asking if you want to connect your Facebook page and WhatsApp. You can enter your phone number directly in this step or follow steps 1 and 2 to do so.

Step 3:

Enter the code you received via WhatsApp in the number you entered in the previous step, and then click Confirm.

Step 4:

You’ve now linked your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts. You have the option of making WhatsApp your Facebook page button. Set WhatsApp by clicking the Set WhatsApp button. This will add the WhatsApp button to the Facebook page below the cover image. If you want to do this later, you can simply click “Not Now.”

When you select WhatsApp as your page button, it will automatically replace any other Page button you may have previously selected. After linking your WhatsApp number to your Facebook page, you have the following options:

  • Use WhatsApp as an Action Button – By enabling this option, users will be able to send messages directly to your WhatsApp number.
  • Enabling this option will display your WhatsApp business number in the About section of your Facebook page. If people want to contact your company directly, they can easily find your contact information.

This is how your WhatsApp button will appear to customers and users who visit your Facebook page. They can start a direct chat with your company by clicking on the button.

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