Our customer required a complete solution and a vendor who could work with cryptocurrencies, KYB/KYC, and various other criteria from multiple jurisdictions, some of which needed human-assisted verification.
The company uses a collection of instruments to enable individuals and businesses to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin and crypto-derivatives.

The Challenge

Our customers needed to automate their usual processes, such as KYC/KYB and AML, as a fledgling multinational trading platform expanding its reach. They required several solutions that they could easily integrate, access, and support from a single point.

Why Surepass?

Our customers had to learn from their competition because this was their first time utilizing a KYC/AML provider. They looked at the market and regulatory suggestions to figure out what a provider should have, taking into account the specifics of their platform.
They required more than a supplier; they needed an ally willing to communicate, guide, and listen. They decided on Surepass after researching dozens of companies. The following are the reasons why:

Confident presence worldwide
Our client required Surepass to assist with personal data protection for all of their clients, particularly the Exchange’s target market.

Smooth Integration
Fast integration of cross-functional systems into the current structure allowed for the seamless integration of KYC/KYB checks into the exchange process in just a few hours, saving our client’s Exchange from installation delays that may have resulted in many lost clients.

KYB for corporate clients
Corporate client checking, which is required for a platform that primarily interacts with businesses, gives merchants and their beneficiaries access to accurate data via a single API.

Enhanced due diligence for crypto transactions
Crypto monitoring allows users to look into the flow of funds for specific transactions at an individual user, entity, or wallet level, discovering patterns and outliers by comparing current transactions to historical marketing and behavioral data.

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Head of Support of our client
We required a dependable solution that could help us reinforce the legal framework and satisfy demanding regulators by processing a large number of applications with access to manage them as needed, all while keeping clients engaged with identity verification algorithms on the other side. Surepass had all of the above, and after a few discussions, we decided to incorporate them into the app.

The Solution

Manage applications and create exhaustive reports
Our client managed their applications directly, checked their history, and decided whether an application should be allowed or rejected in a specific scenario, thanks to the Surepass API. When country requirements need a human-assisted inspection, the corporation usually uses the automated option with manual verification.
The reports generated automatically from the dashboard document all transactions and have previously been approved by regulators, who have no more concerns about the Exchange.

Engaging user and corporate onboarding following guidelines
In just a few hours, the Surepass API was integrated and installed immediately into our client’s Exchange platform, with a clear and intuitive user interface and the ability to process a continual stream of applicants. Our client provided its individual and corporate clients with quick and straightforward onboarding, the highest level of security, and a wide range of trading tools and instruments, all while remaining compliant with relevant legislation.

Support, even when the problem is minor.
From helpful, quick updates in the dashboard on newly created features to legal support on complex regulatory inquiries, Surepass user and technical support helped our client Exchange answer all of their questions faster and more effectively.

The Results

Our client’s Exchange deals with institutional investors, which are corporate clients who require continual attention, and they also deal with a complicated currency like crypto. As a result, the capacity to conduct AML-compliant KYB and transaction monitoring was a significant factor in selecting Surepass as a partner.
As a result, our client reached the level of compliance that is still relevant today, with them being ahead of regulatory updates and recommendations.