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Farmer Verification API extracts data of Farmers instantly and accurately. Surepass Farmer Verification uses API to verify the identity proof of the farmer.

Surepass Farmer Verification API helps prevent identity fraud through accurate and reliable verifications. Surepass Farmer verification API helps by eliminating the need of re-submitting physical documents to different departments for availing benefit(s) under different schemes.


Provisioning Farmer’s verification through API which would eliminate the need of submitting physical documents to different departments for availing benefit(s) under different schemes. Connect to field-based and customisable advisories.

A farmer registration process is all about categorising the farmer straightforwardly from field.

The Surepass farmer verification is first in India API which helps agritech businesses to take action towards securing the food supply by documenting information about the farms that grow the crops and making sure that perks are shared to qualified farmers.


Benefits of Verifying with our API

Prevent Fraud

Prevent Fraud

This API provides a helping hand to institutions that has been and can be a victim of identity frauds

Prevent human errors

Form-filling software reduces errors associated with manual data entry.


Onboard faster

Real-time data extraction enables immediate onboarding as well as service.


Frequently asked questions about
Farmer Verification API

Why should you use the Surepass Farmer Verification API?

Surepass Farmer Verification API is a robust system that enables an enterprise to authenticate with the highest accuracy in record time by extracting data from the department.

How does the Surepass Farmer Verification API function?

The user’s mobile number is routed through our AI system, where data is extracted from the uploaded documents.

What happens after the data has been extracted with the Surepass Farmer Verification API?

The data is then validated in accordance with government standards, and a validation statement is provided.

Why is Surepass Farmer Verification API faster than manual data entry?

Our Surepass Farmer Verification API helps agritech businesses instantly by filling in the fields automatically in seconds.

Is the Surepass Farmer Verification API prone to mistakes?

Yes, our Farmer Verification API is prone to errors, but those errors are less than 0.01 percent because our API has been trained on a data set of over a million IDs.

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