What is GST Verification?

GST verification confirms GST registration and compliance status in a country with a GST system. GST is a consumption-based tax on goods and services during production and delivery. Many countries like India, Canada, Australia, and Malaysia use it as a form of taxation.

Every organization or person who owes GST is obliged to register for a specific GST number. Checking the registration number is a step in the GST verification process. Authorities and companies can verify the information provided by a GST-registered organization, such as their legal name, trading name, address, and contact details. To improve Part of the verification process is ensuring that the registered entity meets GST requirements. . As part of the GST verification process, they must confirm their GST returns and payment.

Need for Business to conduct GST ID Verification

Businesses can claim input tax credits on the GST they have paid on their purchases under a GST system. To verify GST, we confirm if claimed input tax credits are true and well-documented for registered entities. Identifying and stopping GST fraud, like fake invoices or improper tax claims, can be part of GST verification.

Tax authorities offer online tools for people and businesses to check their GST registration status. Customers can enter their GSTIN to check the GST status of registered firms on these platforms. Failing to follow GST rules or using fake GST numbers can lead to penalties and legal consequences. To enforce compliance and stop tax evasion, GST verification is helpful.

Since every nation has its own GST rules and regulations, the specific processes and methods for GST verification may differ from one nation to the next. To prevent legal troubles and fines, it is crucial for both enterprises and individuals to routinely check their GST status and make sure they comply with the relevant GST rules. It’s essential for businesses and individuals to regularly verify their GST status and ensure they comply with the applicable GST laws to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Types of GST Verification API and their Working

Know Your GST: Retrieve each GST number associated with a PAN card.

PAN-GST connection: Reveals every GST number that has been recorded on a PAN card.

View and Track Returns with GSTIN: Retrieves the person’s or entity’s GST return for the relevant financial year.

GSTIN Taxpayer: Obtains the entity’s GST return for a specific fiscal year using the GSTIN Taxpayer.

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GST Validation

Regular taxpayers’ GST registrations are valid indefinitely until they are revoked or relinquished. Only the GST registration for occasional and non-resident taxpayers is good for ninety days.

Using the Clear GST number search tool will help you to validate the GST number’s accuracy and validity (or ensure it hasn’t expired). Enter the GSTIN at your disposal to acquire information about the taxpayer, customer, or supplier right away. The search tool will indicate that the GST number is invalid if it is.

Bulk GST Verification

Verifying several GST numbers simultaneously is known as bulk GST number verification. It can assist you in verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the GST numbers belonging to your merchants, customers, or suppliers.

Another way to do bulk GST validation is using a GST verification API.  An API, or application programming interface, enables you to link your system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) with another service. You may use a GST verification API to confirm information about your business, including its name, address, registration date, filing status, legal name, kind of operation, and GSTIN number’s validity.

Why Surepass’s GST Verification API?

With Surepass’s GST Verification API and GST OTP Verification, you can quickly onboard trustworthy and legally compliant business partners and confirm the validity of GST numbers in real time. This is the shortest onboarding turnaround time in the industry. The plug-and-play APIs’ straightforward, quick-to-activate data exchange techniques assist you in digitizing and scaling your processes.

Our GST Verification APIs :

  • Plug and Play

 We offer a simple and user-friendly interface and make GST verification API connectivity easy for our clients.

  • Prevent Fraud

Any institution that has been or could become a victim of false GSTIN holders will be saved by the procedure. Such scams are easily detectable using GSTIN verification API.

  • Accurate and Reliable

The information from the GSTIN department is verified by our system. As a consequence, the outcomes are always legitimate and accurate.

Various options are available for you to select from depending on your company’s needs. With our capable GST API, you can streamline the compliance process while ensuring smooth interaction with your current procedures. The shortest onboarding TAT in the business is guaranteed with Surepass’s GST Verification API, which also enables you to confirm GST IN in bulk in real time.

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Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 1000+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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