India is proud of its democracy. As a result, the people of the nation have the ability to choose their own leader. Voter IDs are distributed by the Election Commission of India in order to preserve voting transparency. During the election, this card serves as the identity document. Applying for bank loans, investing, and participating in other government financial aid programmes might all benefit from having a voter ID. Voter ID cards are highly valuable in confirming an individual’s identification, which is why many con artists fabricate false ones. 

Thus, before approving an individual’s request, companies and financial institutions need to confirm the voter identity card. Verification entails confirming the accuracy of the customers’ address, name, and age as listed on their voter ID card. It used to take a long time to verify the voter ID. Voter card Verification API may let you easily accomplish voter ID verification if your business needs it.

Voter ID Verification Process

Voter ID is accepted throughout the nation because it was issued by the Indian Election Commission. The approved paper could accomplish its goal of identifying a person. For someone in the public or private sector, it might therefore serve as the perfect identity document. Government-issued documents are highly valuable, which has made it more likely that fraudsters will duplicate them. To prevent theft or fraud, a company or government agency must confirm the voter ID’s authenticity. The manual method can get laborious and time-consuming when you need to finish credit underwriting and KYC (Know Your Customer) for commercial objectives.  Lenders and borrowers may find it difficult to manually gather some types of documentation, such as bank statements, voter ID cards, income verification, and biometric authentication. It may result in a delay in finishing the procedure and an increase in the overall cost of the operation.

Fraud risk may also rise with manual verification. to shorten the time needed to use the Voter ID verification API India in order to check address evidence and forgeries. Without leaving any space for mistake, you may use the API to finish the verification procedure. Both money and time will be saved. Both your clients and your company may gain from using APIs to validate voter identification.

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How To Do Voter ID Verification?

You may use a Voter Verification API as an interface to verify the submitted voter ID card’s authenticity. With the help of the API, you may quickly finish the voter ID card authentication process for a person. The voter ID card can be authenticated by the API with the maximum level of accuracy. Each voter ID card has a distinct number on it. The EPIC (Electors Photo Identification Card) number is the name given to it. Using the API, you may input the number and have the data gathered from either the central database or the backend. Once the EPIC number has been confirmed, you may use the API to retrieve the findings and determine whether a client is legitimate. It’s an easy method that everyone may attempt. By submitting a picture or a scanned copy of the voter ID, you may further confirm it. Voter ID card details may be scanned by the AI-based OCR system, which then compares the scanned information to the central database. It would appear simple to enter the EPIC number in order to receive results fast.

The data that the API retrieves can assist in retrieving information in addition to verifying the legitimacy of the client. It can also double-check the data that the person submitted. The verification process can be digitized to save time and effort. You may obtain validated details from the central database error-free, without involving a human process. The voter ID data verification conforms with the recommended government rules.

Voter Card Verify- Benefits

Voter card verification API has no risk of giving wrong results because there is no manual procedure involved. The user’s info is cross-checked with the government database. You can print the results that the API produces. The API’s excellent precision can make it useful in a number of scenarios, including:

Acts as a means of confirming a voter’s identification who has registered.

  • Obtain verification of personal information such as birth date and residence.
  •  Verify your identity to gain access to different government programmes.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the electoral roll, and prevent electoral fraud.

However, using an established platform to access the API is necessary to get the benefits. A feature-rich API can benefit your company by offering the services your clients require.

Voter ID Verification Process with Surepass

An alternative to the other official ID cards is a voter ID. The finest APIs in the industry for voter ID verification are those offered by Surepass. We serve each and every one of our clients with efficiency and perfection. Employers may quickly obtain all the necessary information for a background investigation on their staff by using our Voter ID verification APIs. Verifying voter identification is necessary to make sure the workers you are recruiting have valid identification.

For the finest Voter ID Verification API India services, get in touch with the professionals at Surepass Technologies. You may include the API into your current platform to provide your clients with verification services. Surepass Technologies has emerged as one of India’s top providers of B2B solutions. Your company expectations will be satisfied by the tailored and reasonably priced services provided. The benefits of using expert API services are listed below.

  • Simply plug in and play

We provide an easy-to-use UI, a clear Voter ID verification API, and seamless integration.

  • Prevent Fraud

Any entity that has been or might be a victim of fraudulent voter ID card holders will be spared thanks to this procedure. Such forgeries may be easily identified via the Voter Card Verification API.

  • Precise and Trustworthy

The information from the electoral department is verified by our system. As a result, the outcomes are consistently accurate and genuine.

  • Client Assistance

The API is developed by a group of highly skilled API specialists using cutting-edge technology to guarantee that you may use the newest features and functions. To guarantee that the API stays the greatest, you receive regular upgrades. Additionally, the round-the-clock customer service team can offer the help required for a hassle-free experience.

Would you want to include the greatest voter ID verification API to your list of business expansions? Speak with the professionals at Surepass Technologies to have access to a variety of API services that are tailored to your company’s needs. Professional services at affordable costs can help your business grow.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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