What Is Police Verification In India?

Police verification is a crucial process used by law enforcement agencies to confirm an individual’s identity and check associated criminal records. The background check serves various important purposes including employment, passport issuance, and tenant screening. 

The prime reason behind police verification in India is to ensure safety and prevent individuals from assessing potential risks associated with the person under review.

What Is A Police Clearance Certificate?

District Superintendent of Police after conducting a thorough verification process approve a Police clearance certificate for an individual.

  • Confirm that the applicant is an Indian citizen
  • Checking criminal records
  • The candidate has not been involved with any report that makes him unable to get a passport.

Steps To Get A Police Clearance Certificate

To get a Police clearance certificate individual needs to complete a formal application process.

  • Fill out the application form ensure to fill in accurate details.
  • To fill this application you need proofs like a passport, DL, and other government-approved IDs.
  • You need to submit proof of address
  • Applicants need to pay a nominal fee.

Documents Required For Police Verification For Job

Here is the list of documents required for the police verification for the job. These consist of Identity proof and proof of address.

Proof Of Address

  • Parivar Pehchan Patr
  • Electricity Bill 
  • Water Bill
  • Proof of Gas Connection
  • Telephone Bill


Proof Of Identity

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Government ID

Process For Police Verification Application In India

The process of police verification in India involves several steps, which can be completed through both online and offline methods:

Application Submission: The applicant should apply either through the Passport Seva website or the state police’s online portal. For offline or physical submission kindly visit the local police station or passport office.

Document Submission And Scheduling: These are documents that are required to be submitted.

  • Application form filled with accurate details
  • Valid identity proof
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Utility Bill
  • Passport size photographs
  • Fee payment proof


Police Verification: After submission of documents a police officer may visit the applicant’s residence to verify the details and conduct a background checks. This is an important step in the police verification in India.

Certificate Issuance: Once verification is completed, a verification certificate is issued by the police. Applicants can collect it through the police station or download it from the online website.

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How To Track Your Police Verification Status Online In India?

Easily track the status of police verification in India for purposes such as passport, employment, or other needs through official government platforms. Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to check the application status online.

Through The Passport Seva Portal

  • Visit the official passport Seva Website.
  • Enter the registered credentials to access your dashboard.
  • Find the track application status section.
  • Enter the required details such as application number and DOB.
  • Online portal will display whether your passport is pending, under review or completed.

Through The State Police Website

  • Visit the official state police state website for police verification Maharashtra or police verification Haryana status check.
  • Find the status section commonly found under the citizen services.
  • Submit the information such as FIR number or Application ID.
  • After submission of the current status of your police verification.

How To Check The Police Verification Certificate Validity?

It is essential to verify police verification validity as well as legitimacy if you want an uninterrupted formal proceeding like visa applications or overseas employment.

Qr Code Verification

  • Modern PCCs: These often include a QR code
  • QR Code Scanning: Use the help of the QR scanner of your smartphone to scan the certificate to check the police verification certificate validity.
  • Verification Link: During the scanning, you will be taken to the verification page to confirm the authenticity of the document.

After the completion of police verification in India, it is important to know the police verification certificate validity. You can also use a passport verification API to check the legitimacy of your passport.

Why It’s Important To Combine Police Background Checks With Court Records?

Police background checks are important to find out about someone’s criminal activities but it is limited to area. Think if someone has committed a crime in another city apart from his own locality.

Here, a criminal record check helps find the person’s criminal history. Police verification with court records gives a full view of someone’s background, it also helps organizations avoid hiring people with criminal history. Police verification for employees is important.

Primary Uses Of Police Verification In India

Police verification is essential for various purposes such as

  • Passport Issuance

As per the Ministry of External Affairs, police verification is a required procedure before an approval is given for a passport of anyone. This police verification for Maharastra or any other state is important to confirm the applicant’s identity and nationality.

  • Corporate Jobs: 

Police verification for employees is important for sensitive information, financial responsibilities and security services. This process ensures that potential employees do not have a criminal background.

  • Domestic Workers

Police verification is important before hiring any maid, driver or Nannie to protect your family.

  • Financial Sector

Bank and Financial Institutions undergo police verification due to their access to large sums of money and sensitive financial information. It will prevent financial losses and data breaches.


1. How Can I Get Police Verification In Delhi?

Commonly police officers will visit the address for address verification and background verification. After that police station sends approval to the passport office.

2. How Can I Get Police Verification Done In India?

You should apply on the passport Seva Kendra website.

3. How Long Does Indian Police Verification Take?

Police verification In India usually takes 8 weeks.

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