The leading Life Insurance company was established in 2000. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. This leading Life insurance company offers various plans according to the people’s needs. These plans are health insurance, retirement plans, investment plans, savings plans, child plans, etc. Apart from the business, this company is committed to social responsibility, focusing on health education and community development.


The leading Insurance company faced challenges in two critical areas

Death Certificate Verification: The manual verification method is difficult and time-consuming. Before the API’s incorporation, the verification team faced trouble in checking the legitimacy of a Death certificate.

Onboarding New Leads: The onboarding process could have been more efficient and needed more tools for customer verification. It took time to verify the document’s legitimacy.

Solutions: Surepass Verification APIs

Surepass has provided the appropriate solutions after understanding the issue the leading insurance company was facing.

Death Certificate Verification

Objective: The objective of recommending API is to ensure the accurate verification of the Death certificate.


API Integration: The Death Certification Verification API is integrated into HDFCs into the verification system.

Process: After API integration, the verification team uses Death verification API to automatically check the authenticity of the submitted death certificate, ensuring they are legitimate before processing claims.

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These are benefits that leading insurance companies get after integrating Surepass API.

Accuracy: API adds both accuracy and automation to the verification process. It increased the overall efficiency and reduced the risk of fraudulent claims.

Security: Added high security in verification by preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.

APIs for Customer Onboarding

Objective: Provided multiple APIs to make the customer onboarding process quick.


API integration: Many APIs are added to the verification system to automate the information collection and verification.

Prefill API: added to fill the data automatically into the forms like PAN Number, Address, Mobile Number, etc..

Phone to Name API: This API verifies the customer name based on the Phone number.

PAN Comprehensive API: PAN API helps to verify the PAN details quickly with just free clicks.

Employment History API: It accesses employment details from authentic databases and helps the team verify the person’s employment history.


Speed: API automation adds speed to the onboarding process. It helps the onboarding team to efficiently onboard large volumes.

Accuracy: API provides government databases for verifying the details.  Eliminated manual typing errors that result in high accuracy.

Customer Experience: Faster processing results in improved customer verification.


After the integration of Surepass APIs into the leading Insurance company system, it gets these results.

Outcomes In the Death Certification Process

  • High operational efficiency with automation
  • Fraud prevention
  • Enhanced customer experience

Outcomes In Customer Onboarding

  • Faster onboarding with verification and prefill API
  • Data integrity with no manual errors
  • Improved customer satisfaction with the quick onboarding process.


By using Surepass Verification APIs, the leading Life Insurance company successfully overcame the issues of customer onboarding and death certification verification.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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