What is a HUID Number?

The Hallmark Unique Identification Number or HUID is a unique code that is given to each and every particular gleaming piece of gold. It is like a unique roll number allotted to different students in a class.

There are approximately six letters and numerals in it. For gold jewelry, there is an alphanumeric identifier with six digits called the Hallmark Unique Identification Number (HUID). The HUID, which consists of a state-specific letter, year-related digits, and a unique serial number, ensures the purity and traceability of jewelry.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which is in charge of managing it, uses the BIS CARE app to enable consumer verification, prevent counterfeiting, and protect quality.

This method, which has been required as of April 1, 2023, increases customer confidence by giving consumers a way to verify the weight, purity, and manufacturer information of gold jewelry, protecting them from inferior or counterfeit goods.

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Benefits of HUID Number

Here are the benefits of the HUID number in a more appealing manner:

Ensure Purity:

Purity is guaranteed by the HUID number, which is a gold seal of authenticity that is laser-etched onto jewelry to ensure its purity. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) also securely stores it in a database, ensuring that your jewelry sparkles with the real thing and is guaranteed to be pure.

Traceable Treasure:

Ever dreamt that a piece of jewelry could tell its own tale? It can be with the HUID number! You may follow the path your jewelry takes from the creators to the showcases with this special code. So, if your beloved possession ever embarks on a solo journey, you will be aware of its proper home.

No More Fakes:

Beware of Counterfeiters! The HUID number acts as a barrier to counterfeit jewelry. Its difficult-to-crack code prevents imitations from entering the picture and guarantees that only real, shining gold makes it into your collection.

Comfortable Shopping:

Imagine buying gold jewelry without having to worry about its veracity. The HUID number serves as your pass to tranquilly. It allows you to quickly confirm that the gold you are falling in love with is genuine, pure, and deserving of all your attention.

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What are the Hallmarks of Gold allowed in India? 

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India carefully monitors the hallmark requirement for gold. This authoritative certification serves as a legal requirement and provides unshakeable assurance of the purity of gold jewelry. The BIS trademark, which consists of three essential components, provides credibility:

BIS’s logo: The BIS emblem, a guarantee of reliability, denotes adherence to strict quality standards by appearing on gold jewelry.

Gold purity is defined as the degree to which the “K” symbol (indicating karat) is accompanied by a numerical number that indicates the intrinsic purity of the metal. The following purity levels are permitted in India:

  • 24K Gold: Unadulterated gold, boasting an exceptional purity of 99.9%.
  • 22K Gold: Displaying a purity of 91.6%, this grade blends tradition with quality.
  • 18K Gold: With 75% purity, this mark represents the balance between elegance and durability.
  • 14K Gold: Offering 58.5% purity, this choice is a harmony of grace and strength.
  • 10K Gold: Possessing 41.7% purity, this option merges allure with resilience.

Hallmark’s HUID, or unique identification number The HUID, a distinctive alphanumeric code, is a pioneer in traceability. This code contains important information that makes it possible to trace each piece of jewelry’s beginnings and journey with accuracy.

By combining these components under the BIS hallmark, the highest standards of authenticity and quality are upheld, enabling customers to make knowledgeable decisions in their search for real gold jewelry.

How to Check the BIS Hallmark using the BIS CARE App

Here are the instructions for utilizing the BIS CARE app to verify the BIS hallmark:

  1. Activate the BIS CARE app.
  2. The “Hallmark Verification” tab should be selected.
  3. Enter the jewelry’s BIS hallmark.
  4. Select “Verify” from the menu.

The purity, weight, and maker of the jewelry will subsequently be shown in the app’s details.

In the dazzling world of gold jewelry, the HUID number emerges as a guardian of authenticity and peace of mind. It’s not just a code; it’s your backstage pass to the story of each exquisite piece. With its laser-etched magic and the BIS CARE app as your ally, you’re not just owning gold; you’re owning a tale. Say goodbye to doubts and hello to a new era of confident, sparkling choices. Let the HUID number be your guiding star on this golden journey.

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