GST Verification

In India, a number of cascading taxes imposed by the federal and state governments have been replaced by the Goods and Services Tax (GST), an indirect tax. The GST Council is in charge of it, and the tax is collected through five different tax slabs: 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), a distinct 15-digit number given to each registered firm, is a crucial part of the Goods and Services Tax system.

Gstin Verification

Validating the GSTIN to verify a company’s or service provider’s legitimacy is known as GST Verification. This basically entails verifying that the GSTIN listed on the invoice or on a business site is correct and pertains to the vendor you are doing business with. Using the government portal, you may manually check the GSTIN; alternatively, for a more thorough and expedient study, you can utilize specialized GST verification tools.

  • Online Verification: Using third-party software or the official government website to check the GST number.
  • Offline Verification: Verification offline can be done by contacting the relevant tax authority or by looking at actual papers.

Verify Gst Number

There are several strong reasons why it is essential to confirm a GST number. Above all, it satisfies your legal requirements under Indian tax regulations, therefore lowering your company’s risk of fines and making you a compliant entity. 

Second, making sure you’re not doing business with a bogus firm and preserving transactional legitimacy depend heavily on GST verification. It basically serves as a filter, assisting you in removing any company or supplier engaged in the distribution of fraudulent invoices or other illicit activity. 

Thirdly, it increases the legitimacy of your company and fosters a sense of confidence among partners, suppliers, and clients. 

Not to mention, a validated GSTIN guarantees hassle-free Input Tax Credit (ITC) claims. You run the danger of losing out on the ITC if you don’t verify, which might be expensive in terms of money and peace of mind. 

In conclusion, confirming a business’s GST number is not only necessary for compliance, but also a recommended practice that guarantees efficient, honest, and legal commercial operations.

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Verify Gst Number- it’s Format

A corporate entity’s GST Identification Number (GSTIN) may provide you with a wealth of information about it. It is formatted in a certain way. Each taxpayer is given a unique 15-character alphanumeric code known as a GSTIN. This is an explanation of its structure:

  • First two digits: According to the Indian Census of 2011, these are the state codes. For instance, the number 27 represents Maharashtra.
  • Next ten digits: The taxpayer’s Permanent Account Number (PAN) is contained in the next ten characters.
  • 13th Digit: Represents the total number of PAN registrations within a state. An alphanumeric number may be used.
  • 14th Digit: At the moment, all taxpayers have “Z” as the default value.
  • 15th Digit: The 15th digit is a check code that might be an alphanumeric character and is used to identify errors.

Gaining an understanding of this format has several benefits. First, and most importantly for interstate transactions, you can quickly ascertain which state the firm is registered in. Second, you may somewhat assure the business’s authenticity by matching the PAN. Thirdly, it aids in the GST number verification process since any discrepancy in any of these sectors suggests the possibility of fraud or mistake.

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Verify GSTIN Steps involved 

Businesses, tax experts, and individuals may authenticate GSTINs quickly and correctly using Surepass’s automated solution. The solution improves compliance and reduces human mistakes because of its powerful backend and user-friendly interface.

Steps to Use:

  • User Interface: Use a mobile app or online portal to access the tool.
  • Input: Fill in the appropriate field with the GSTIN you wish to have verified.
  • Verify: Click the “Verify” button to submit.
  • Outcomes: To verify the accuracy and specifics of the GSTIN, the application retrieves information from the GST Network.

Benefits of verifying GST with Surepass

  • Simply plug in and play: GST validation We offer a clear and intuitive user experience, and the API is simple to integrate.
  • Real-time Data: For the most precise verification, it retrieves real-time data from government servers. Get thorough reports that contain the PAN, state code, and business name, among other information.
  • Bulk Verification: To check several items at once, upload a list of GSTINs.
  • Error detection: Draws attention to any discrepancies or mistakes in the GSTIN.
  • Integration: Support for APIs to provide simple integration with your current business tools.
  • Precise and Trustworthy: The information from the GSTIN department is verified by our system. As a result, the outcomes are consistently accurate and genuine.

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We have helped 200+ companies in reducing Fraud by 95%

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