Our Client is a software company that provides an end-to-end car sharing experience to corporations, governments, and other organisations with vehicle fleets. The company offers a comprehensive set of technologies for connecting and sharing vehicle fleets autonomously. This enables Our clients to manage their fleets for internal use or leverage them to provide B2B2C vehicle rental services.

The solution includes:

  • In-car keyless technology.
  • An end-user mobile app.
  • Mobile payments (in-app).
  • A platform and dashboards for fleet management.
  • The ability to integrate with existing systems.

Vehicle users have access to extended live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Challenge

Our Client began with a B2B business model in 2019, offering fleet-sharing software to enterprises, allowing their employees to share vehicles among themselves. When COVID arrived, they began looking for a business model other than internal fleet sharing. Our Client made the switch to an open B2B2C system, allowing fleet owners to rent out their vehicles to third parties.

Of course, because they didn’t know these people, we needed to verify their identity and driver’s licence for our new clients. So, we believe it was about a year ago that they began looking for a partner who could handle the KYC procedures. The need for online verification was critical for our Client’s enterprise because keeping track of fleet users’ identities and driving licences was too time-consuming. That is why Our Client began looking for a custom verification solution in the first place.

According to our Client, the best way to address this was to find a single KYC provider that could fully integrate with Our Client’s software to provide automatic identity checks for B2B2C customers.

Why Surepass?

Our Client chose Surepass after searching for the best online verification provider for their needs. This is why:

  • Surepass provided a KYC solution that can fully integrate into the Our client app to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Speedy verification (ID and DL check within 30 seconds).
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with quick response times and high quality.
  • A globally scalable solution with extensive global coverage.

Our Client became a Surepass customer in July 2020. It took about two weeks to complete the integration process.

Our Client needed to understand that Surepass provides an international solution with broad coverage. Because they have customers from all over the world, they can provide the exact solutions in all of them, making their app very scalable.

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With our APIs, you have to input the ID number, say PAN number or Aadhaar number in this case, into the system, and it will give you results in an instant. We check the inputs through the Government as well as the public database. So, the chances of error are almost equivalent to zero. Our APIs extract data like name, age, d.o.b, address, photo, mobile number, and gender for ID verification. All this process is real-time. We won’t keep you waiting for the results.
After the services, the user onboarding process is made flawless. This minimises the risks of fraudulent users, significantly reducing the dropout rates of the users.

The Solution

As our Client facilitates vehicle sharing (bikes, scooters, cars, etc.), their B2B2C end-users must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s licence. As a result, Surepass offered or client two levels of security:

  • ‘Selfie with ID’ check
  • Driver’s licence check

These steps are sufficient for Our clients to be legally compliant with regulations.
Surepass’s KYC solution is seamlessly integrated with the Our client application, which means that applicants are not required to complete any additional steps such as following external links, downloading other apps, etc.

Furthermore, a Support Chat button is embedded in the Our client app that allows end-users to get help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Suppose a customer encounters a problem with an ID or driver’s licence check. In that case, they can contact our client support team, who will contact Surepass directly and resolve the issue in real-time—usually within 10-15 minutes.

The entire verification process usually takes less than a minute for a single user.