CIBIL Score By PAN Card

The CIBIL score is the most important component of your CIBIL report that lenders, such as banks and NBFCs, review before approving any new loan application. Here, you may check your CIBIL score via PAN card for free in minutes and receive monthly updates. To get your free CIBIL report, simply provide your PAN card number and other basic information, such as your registered mobile number, date of birth, PIN code, and email address. The easy methods for checking your Free CIBIL score using your PAN card are outlined here.

CIBIL offers free credit ratings to anybody who possesses a credit card. CIBIL’s official website provides an accurate and up-to-date CIBIL score. You may also verify your CIBIL score using the number on your PAN card.

Cibil Score Check Free Online By Pan Number

Follow the steps outlined below to verify your CIBIL score using the PAN card:

  1. Visit the CIBIL official website.
  2. Click the ‘Get Your Credit Score’ button in the upper-right corner, or
  3. Access the credit score page directly.
  4. Select a subscription method, if available.
  5. Enter your PAN card number.
  6. Please enter your email address.
  7. Enter the date of birth.
  8. Select the gender.
  9. Enter the captcha code.
  10. Acknowledge the terms and conditions.
  11. Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’.

If you have previously checked your CIBIL Score/CIR, you may access the existing information using your email address and password. If you are checking your credit details for the first time, the website will send you to the payment page. Once you’ve made your payment, you may select how you want the score and report delivered. You can have a physical copy of the report delivered to you or receive an electronic copy via email.

If you do not have a PAN Card number, you can get the CIBIL Score using your basic personal information, such as your name, date of birth, Identity Proof number from another document, address, and phone number.

CIBIL Score Check By Pan Card

The PAN Card is a standard document that may be used to identify an individual by its unique PAN card number. Furthermore, most people’s PAN is linked to their whole financial and bank account history. PAN makes it easy for credit bureaus to retrieve your information quickly. When you use the PAN Card number to check your CIBIL score, it is only used to locate and authenticate your credit information using the linked details.

If you do not have a PAN Card, you can still get your CIBIL Score by providing the identification proof number found on your passport, voter ID, or driver’s license.

If you seek a duplicate PAN card in the case that your original PAN card is lost or stolen, your CIBIL/Credit score will be unaffected because the PAN number will stay the same. To prevent complications, it is best to give up one of your PAN cards if you have more than one.

Additionally, obtaining a new PAN Card may affect your CIBIL rating. It’s because your credit history, which is connected to your current PAN card, is the foundation of your credit score. As a result, if you seek a new PAN, the TransUnion CIBIL database would most likely generate a red warning on your account.

Cibil Score Check With Pan Card

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is a 10-digit unique identifier alphanumeric number provided to most tax-paying organizations in India. To check your free CIBIL score and report, you must first have a valid and genuine PAN card. Because your PAN card is tied with all financial and banking accounts, Credit Information Companies (CICs) credit bureaus may readily discover your information, which aids them in the loan approval process. When you submit your PAN card to check your CIBIL score, it is only used to verify information on your credit products, such as loans and credit cards, and is not used for any other purpose.

A PAN Card is essential when applying for a loan or credit card. When you receive your PAN card for the first time and have not yet applied for a loan, credit bureaus have no information about your credit history. As a result, they classify your profile as ‘New to Credit’. It does not, however, imply that lenders would automatically reject you a loan or credit card if you meet other requirements.

PAN Card CIBIL Score- its effects

  • Irresponsible payment behavior

Any late, missing, or unpaid loan or credit card payments will have a negative influence on your CIBIL score. Credit payback history is the most important factor examined by lenders in the credit approval procedure. When you fail to repay your credit within the time frame specified, your CIBIL score suffers significantly. Therefore, having a strong track record of regular settlement of loan EMIs and credit card dues would help you improve your CIBIL score.

  • Making Multiple Credit Applications

For each new loan or credit card application, the financial institution pulls your credit report, which is also known as a hard inquiry. If you have lately applied for many loans or credit cards at the same time or within a short period of time, lenders will be cautious about the approvals. This behavior demonstrates your credit-hungry attitude to the bank and further implies that your debt burden has escalated. This will eventually result in a lower CIBIL score. So, to avoid future rejection, take some time before applying for the next credit product.

  • High credit utilization ratio (CUR).

Having a high credit utilization ratio or regularly maxing out your credit card indicates that you are overly reliant on credit, resulting in a heavy payback load. This will further harm your CIBIL score and reduce your chances of receiving another loan approval. It is recommended that your credit utilization ratio not exceed 30% of the entire sanctioned credit amount. This demonstrates that you are not credit hungry, and the likelihood of you defaulting is low.

  • Inappropriate Credit Mix

Maintaining a healthy mix of secured loans (house loan, vehicle loan, business loan) and unsecured loans (personal loan, credit card) is likely to improve your credit score. It is strongly suggested that you maintain track of both your unsecured and secured loans. Opting for single or numerous secured loans over an unsecured loan may result in a steady decline in your credit score.

How to check CIBIL Score through CIBIL API? 

Surepass’s CIBIL Credit Report API is a platform that allows consumers to easily and automatically obtain credit-related information from the Credit Information Bureau (CIBIL). CIBIL is a credit information provider that gathers and stores credit-related data on persons and organizations, which financial institutions use to determine creditworthiness. To utilize this API, users merely need to enter their full name, cell phone number, date of birth, and PAN card number.

The Surepass CIBIL Report API makes it easy for anyone to get their credit report and score, as well as other credit-related information. To utilize this API, users must give particular information about themselves, such as their complete name, cell phone number, date of birth, and PAN card number.

 The CIBIL API data offers users a full overview of their credit history and financial activities, allowing them to better understand their creditworthiness and make educated decisions about loan applications and financial planning. The JSON format allows software programmes to easily handle and comprehend the data given by the API.