We’re pleased to announce that Google has selected Surepass Technologies as their identity verification API provider. Surepass is a pioneer in streamlining user onboarding for businesses, offering blazing-fast integration and unrivalled dependability.

What is Surepass?

Surepass offers a range of Business & ID Verification APIs, including the PAN Verification API, and Bank Account Verification API. We at Surepass provide the finest Identity Verification API currently on the market. Our online identity verification APIs are incredibly quick and error-free. Our APIs may be used to do background checks and verify that the identification evidence is real, valid, and provided by the appropriate authority.

Advantages of using Surepass APIs

Surepass APIs give the simplest method for businesses to sign up verified clients.It provides crucial tools for software development and makes it possible for diverse systems and applications to communicate with one another. Our APIs serve a variety of sectors, and high quality and low prices are guaranteed. 

Therefore, Surepass provides a standardized means of communication between various software components, and they are employed for a variety of tasks in the technology sector. Due to the versatile nature of Surepass, it has been selected by Google as their identity verification API provider.

Services Surepass API Solutions Provide:

Surepass offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, and the identity verification APIs integrate with ease. Any online retailer who has been or could become a victim of fraudulent cardholders will be saved by the procedure implemented by our APIs. Such frauds will be quickly identified using Surepass ID Verification APIs. 

Some of the services provided by Surepass are:

Video KYC– Onboard Users in real-time using Video KYC that includes OCR and offline AAdhaar Verification 

Transactions– up to 24 months of categorized data using SMS and Bank Statement 

Identity– Verify user’s information using various IDs including Aadhaar

Income– Employ info and repository data using EPFO and Income Tax Return

Aadhaar Signature– Now eSignature your docs digitally with Surepass

Collection– eNach and real-time Mandates along with Bank Validation 

Digilocker APIs-Pull verified Documents using our APIs and Web SDK

Business -Analyze businesses by pulling out filed documents on MCA Due Diligence

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 1000+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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List of APIs we provide:

  1. Real-time ID Verification or KYC:

– Aadhaar Card verification 

– PAN Card verification

– Passport verification

– Voter ID Verification 

– DL verification 

  1. Real-time Merchant verification

 – Udyog Aadhaar verification with/without OTP

 – Udyam Aadhaar verification with/without OTP

 – CIN verification with/without OTP

 – GST verification with/without OTP 

– DIN verification with/without OTP 

  1. Real-time Asset Verification 

– RC verification 

  1. Real-time OCR (AI-based & Optical Character Recognition, used for extracting data from documents and IDs)

 – Aadhaar 

– PAN 

– Driving License (DL) 

– Voter ID

 – RC 


  1. User On


– Bank Account Verification

– ESign (Aadhaar based) 

– Video KYC (Face Match & Face Liveliness)

– KRA 

– Pay in/ payout 

Why Choose Surepass?

We make it easier for businesses to onboard users by offering Real-time ID verification APIs, Digital KYC, Document OCR, and a tonne of other APIs that can speed up user onboarding significantly and save time and money for the businesses utilizing our APIs. 

In addition to the ease of use and minimal downtime of our APIs, our business partners refer to us as the Best API provider due to our quick partner onboarding. We provide the best pricing for the quality of the APIs we provide.

After contacting us, a business may begin utilizing our APIs in their applications or websites in less than an hour (Live Demo, contract creation and signature, API integration, and all other compliances in under an hour). Head out to our website to schedule a live Demo now.

Automate your KYC Process & reduce Fraud!

We have helped 1000+ companies in reducing their user onboarding TAT by 95%

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