Our client works in the field of buying and selling second-hand bikes and scooters all over India. A business of this scale requires lots of verifications and checks at many levels. This consumes many resources and a lot of the budget of company goes into these checks. We helped our clients to cut these costs and providing them with a feasible solution to these challenges.

We performed RC, ID, Insurance, Challan & Blacklist status checks of the vehicle and vehicle owners. RC is used to check if the motorbike/scooter is owned by the person claiming it. ID checks to verify the person. Insurance checks to know the insurance status of the vehicle as it plays a part in determining the value of the vehicle. Challan to check the nature of the person owning it and to verify that the vehicle is not used for any unlawful activities like wrong parking or breaking a signal. Blacklist to check if the two-wheeler hasn’t been indulged in any accident or any criminal case or is stolen.

We conducted all these checks through our verification APIs and video KYCs using OCR technology. The whole process was conducted online and no physical verification was needed. The data is routed through government records which check if the provided info is correct or not. Thus, the chances of error tend to be zero.

Services offered by us to the client-

  • RC checks
  • Challan checks
  • Insurance verification
  • Vehicle owner ID verification
  • Blacklist check

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How do we do it?

We are aware of the potential risks that our client could face. It is crucial that the vehicles brought in for sale are clear to be sold. For that, we customized our APIs according to clients’ needs and used real-time KYC and OCR technology to make the process smooth, fast, and risk-free. We check the identities through real-time Aadhaar verification combined with video KYC.

With our APIs, you simply have to input the ID number into the system and it will give you results in an instant. We check the inputs through the government as well as the public database. So, the chances of error are almost equivalent to zero.
After using our facilities, the client appreciated our services. We were able to reduce the operational expenditure and conduct the process quickly in a systematic and error-free manner.