Our client provides an India Live Transport Marketplace App,Book trucks.Trailers which you can use for the logistics purpose of your business.Truck drivers found it very hard to book and load profiles and pricing on the platform.


We provided several services to our clients. They wanted a foolproof method to verify the transporting material/contents in the trucks, which should be fast and reliable. GST came to the rescue as it is fraud-proof, as the OTP is accessible to only the registered mobile/email number. Our client needed to ensure that the customer does not use the transporter to ship any illegal or shady package. An OTP is sent to the GST business holder’s mobile number, giving an idea about the kind of shipment for which the service is to be used. GST number verifies the business. We also provided our client with RC, ID, and DL verification APIs. RC of the truck is necessary as it proves that the truck is of the registered owner. ID verification is done to check if the documents submitted by the driver relating to age, address, parents’ details are correct or not. There are similar Driving License APIs to check if the driver is registered and eligible to drive a truck and the license provided is authentic and valid.

Services offered by us to the client-

  • GST OTP Verification
  • ID verification
  • RC verification
  • With the help of PAN, the bank can also check the CIBIL score of the individual.
  • DL verification


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Our client operates on a national scale. Their services mustn’t be misused. We are aware of the potential risks that our client could face. It is crucial that the drivers, as well as their vehicles, are verified. It is also essential that the customer who uses these services has a legitimate business and is verified using the GST OTP process. For that, we customized our APIs according to clients’ needs and used real-time KYC and OCR technology to make the process smooth, fast, and risk-free. We check the identities through real-time Aadhaar verification combined with video KYC. For the GST OTP, an OTP is sent to the registered business owner, who proves the company’s authenticity.

With our APIs, you have to input the ID number into the system, which will give you instant results. We check the inputs through the government as well as the public database. So, the chances of error are almost equivalent to zero. After using our facilities, the client appreciated our services. We reduced the operational expenditure and conducted the process quickly, systematically, and error-free.